Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Andrew's Art Display!

This spring, Andrew moved into his "Big Boy Room" to make room for his new baby brother or sister. He absolutely loves the dinosaur theme of his new digs, and I've had fun decorating.... I do love a theme! There are still some empty spaces on the walls that I've been brainstorming how to fill, and a place to showcase his artwork has been my latest project!

This is the space that I decided to use. I think that it works well because I can utilize space that is at Andrew's level.

I started by spray painting an old picture frame a cream colour. Then, using two coats of chalk board paint, I painted the frame's glass.

I hung the new chalk board on the wall, placed two small hooks below, and strung some twine between them.

Using wooden clothespins, I hung a few pieces of Andrew's most recent creations. I am quite happy with the finished product! I think it fills the space nicely and will be easy to keep up to date!


  1. ...love it, lots of fun for Andrew and Mom and Dad too, we can hardly wait to see his creations!

  2. What does Andrew's dino say? It says STOMP