Sunday, February 10, 2013

...A Printable Valentine!!!

This year, for Valentine's day, I wanted to create a cute bag topper that would go along with some treats for all of Andrew's little buddies at daycare. I've seen some pretty adorable options online, but wanted to try and come up with something original. I strolled the aisles of Bulk Barn looking for inspiration in the many bins of gummy candies, and settled on the frogs.

Frogs... kissing... valentines... perfect!!

I made up a simple tag on the computer and used ribbon to tie them to a small cellophane bag filled with the froggies! Super simple and super cute!

If you are interested in sharing these Frog Prince Valentines with your little sweeties you can download the file here! (Frog Valentine PDF

Thank you so much to Deme at "Fresh Coat of Paint" for featuring "... and away we go!" on her amazing blog! I hope her readers have fun with this little Valentine's project!

The DIY Dreamer


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this with us Leanne! They are just so stinkin' cute!

  2. These are adorable!! Thanks for sharing this at my Pin Me Linky Party. I am now following you via GFC, Pinterest, & Facebook.

  3. Love these! Such a cute idea!