Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DIY Menu Planning Board

Hello! I hope everyone is having a great week. Our second week in Baltimore is resembling life in London, naps and meals have returned to normal scheduling and everyone is better off for it! We still have many boxes to unpack but the essentials are in working order which makes me feel 100% better. I just don't function without some semblance of order!

It is this need for routine that lead me to hang the first piece of decor in the new place. Quite a while ago I made a weekly menu board. Having the week's meals planned out it extremely helpful for me. It gives me an action plan at the grocery store which saves both time and money and I like that I don't get stuck at 5:00 with nothing in mind for dinner!

Our weekly menu is far from gourmet. I like to try new recipes now and then, but for the most part it's quick and easy through the week!

To make this menu board I used an old picture frame and some scrapbooking paper to lay out a template for the menu. I also created a box to jot down items "To Buy" that I don't normally have on hand. The paper is behind glass, so I can use dry erase markers to write down our meals and easily erase for the next week. 

I have been using this menu board for over a year now. I don't always update it and I don't always follow the plan. However, I do find that it's the weeks that I have taken the time to work out a menu for that go the smoothest!

Do you work from a weekly menu? Where do you record your plan?


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