Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Christmas Countdown...

The countdown is on!! Now that December has hit, the anticipation and excitement of the holiday season is in full swing; travel plans are finalized, gifts are being stockpiled and a sneaky little elf is making each morning magical for our little ones! I have always loved the daily rituals of the Christmas season, advent calendars were always a special treat that my sister and I delighted in every December. Last year I made a special Advent Calendar for Andrew, but it is unfortunately packed away with all of our Christmas decorations in a storage unit in Canada. So this year, we are counting the days to Christmas using these simple number cards...

To make this Christmas Countdown, I cut out number circles and cards using my Silhouette. I glued each number to a card and made a stand out of some twigs we collected outside.

It looks super cute sitting out on the table and Andrew is enjoying changing the card each morning!
How do you count down the days until Christmas?
Looking for a simple DIY Advent Calendar? Check out the one I made last year,
 there is a free printable to go along with it!


  1. Very nice Leanne and fun for Andrew and Henry

  2. oh silhouette how i love you! super cute project!

  3. Very very cute. I especially LOVE the holder you made out of twigs. So creative :)

  4. Great idea! We're doing advent too . . . just with brown paper bags ;) Not quite as fancy, but she still gets so excited.

  5. so fun and i love the look! my kids have a couple countdowns going on- they just love it!