Thursday, October 2, 2014

A dresser/change table for Baby Girl!! {brimnes hack}

The count down is on! Baby Girl Leeper is due to arrive in the next 5 weeks and I have a number of little projects in the works to keep me busy during this arduous final month of pregnancy! First on the list is establishing a little space for baby to call her own. At this point the boys are in their own bedrooms, and since we plan to keep baby in our room for the first few months we thought it better to leave well enough alone and leave Henry in his crib until we were ready for Baby Girl to have her own room. So, we've shuffled our bedroom furniture and made a bit of space for a bassinet, rocking chair and dresser/change table.

We brought in the Ikea Brimnes dresser that we had been using in Henry's room, added a change pad and the Grundtal wall organizer which fits diapers. wipes and other necessities perfectly. 

To add a bit of a girly touch, I hung three framed prints (also from Ikea!). I wanted to incorporate some of the fabric I had picked up for the space and thought that adding it behind the top drawer glass would not only look cute, but hide the contents of the drawer. 

This was an extremely simple job. I cut a piece of Elmer's Foam Board to fit the inside of the drawer, cut a piece of fabric to wrap around the board and hot glued it around the perimeter of the back of the board. To secure the board in the drawer I added a tiny dab of hot glue to the top corners. 

I absolutely love this fabric and think it adds a nice touch to the dresser. I plan to add it and some coordinating fabrics to a few other areas in the room! Hope to share those projects soon!


  1. Love it, love it, love it.....Nana xoxo

  2. love this...excellent fabric choice. how do you attached the chamge pad to he top of the dresser?

    1. We've ordered a "change table topper" that will attach to the top of the dresser and the change pad will sit right inside!