Monday, September 10, 2012

A painted vase...

I recently came across a great idea for a quick DIY project on one of my favourite blogs, Honey We're Home. I thought it would be a great way to spice up some of the plain glass vases I have stored in my cupboard!  I decided this would make a great birthday gift, along with some fresh flowers, for my good friend Jenn, who loves and appreciates a fun new craft!

I chose some basic acrylic paints, in the colours of her bedroom.

After cleaning and thoroughly drying the vase, I simply dumped some of each paint colour into the bottom of the vase. Next time, I would be more careful to not drip the paint down the side of the vase!

Then, I simply swirled and tipped the vase until it was completely covered and left it upside down for a few hours to dry.

The paint swirls together nicely to create a marble effect. I had to add more paint as I went, which altered the look, blending the colours almost too closely. I think I would choose colours that were less similar next time, in order to create more contrast. Overall, I was happy with the finished product! Happy Birthday Jenn!

The DIY Dreamer


  1. hi...

    it's so simple, yet artistic :)

    thank you for sharing. more thing...since this is a vase...with water and all...didn't the paint on the inside wash off?