Sunday, September 30, 2012

*#%* my two year old says...

If you have ever met my son, Andrew, you will agree that he is one funny kid. The things that he comes out with have Rob and I laughing everyday. Since Andrew's month to month isn't quite a noteworthy as Henry's, I have decided that his monthly post will be used to share a few of his priceless comments. Enjoy!

  • While listening to Garth Brooks (Andrew's favourite, aside from The Wiggles) Andrew asked me the name of the song that was playing. I told him "We Shall Be Free". He thought for a moment and then corrected me, "No, no Mama... We Shall be two!"

  • While driving to my parents place for the weekend, we spotted a cat in some one's backseat. I asked Andrew what that cat was in a car, he quickly replied "He's going to his Nana and Papa's house!"

Here is Andrew's latest trick!


  1. Andrew certainly comes out with some funny stuff, this is a great way to keep track and share his comical comments.