Tuesday, October 16, 2012

An ironing board for sewing...

One day, I hope to have a beautiful home studio in which I can organize and coordinate all of my DIY and sewing projects.  There will be large work surfaces, plenty of beautiful fabric tucked into drawers, all colours of yarn and wonderful stationary... oh and a closet just for gift wrapping supplies! Here are some of my dream spaces...

However, for now I have a few rubbermaid totes in the hall closet, and a small desk in our living room (that also holds our family computer). You can see this space in my previous post (we have recently added a beautiful Mac desktop... yay!) So needless to say, space is tight and I have been finding it super annoying to use my full size ironing board for sewing projects.  It takes up a lot of space and makes moving around the room difficult. So when I saw this option on Pinterest, I knew it would be perfect! Making this compact ironing board was simple and has been very useful!

I simply stapled a towel to an old wooden T.V. tray, cut off the excess and then did the same with some scrap fabric!

Ta Da! One step closer to my dream studio!

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  1. Looks great and takes up half the space.

  2. Super cute and handy, I so need this for my new craft room however I don't have a T.V. tray... might check with my grandparents though so thanks for this helpful solution and idea!

    1. Thanks Kristi! This little ironing board has been super handy while sewing. I didn't have one either, but found one in my Mother in laws basement that wasn't being used! I'm sure you could find one if you asked around a bit!