Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Henry is Two months old!!

Well, another month has gone by, and all Henry has to show for it is a second chin! Not a whole lot has changed in the Leeper household as far as Henry goes. He's meeting all those baby milestones (tracking objects, looking for familiar voices, etc.) but overall continues to be a chubby little ball of love that eats and sleeps! However, he seems to prefer to do his sleeping during the day, and his cuddling at night! Rob and I have been working on remastering the art of "laying down the sleeping baby without waking it" and some nights  are more successful than others!

Henry is definitely a much more smiley baby than his older brother was at this age, but we have only caught a handful of these silly grins on camera! He did, however have an extremely successful photo shoot with Jana Burns Photography! Here are a couple of my favourites!

Henry also made his first and second trip to Bowmanville to visit with my family. He met many of his more distant family members along with plenty of Youngman family friends, and of course spent a great deal of time mesmerizing his favourite cousins!

Now, the most exciting event of Henry's month is no doubt the safe arrival of his best friend Jake! My best friend, Sara, and I are known to do pretty much everything together, and now we can add having babies to our joint hobbies! Henry and I are so excited to be able to spend this special year with our two best buds!

Hmm, looking back over our second month with Henry, I see that it was a little more eventful than I thought! I guess that is the beauty of blogging!


  1. Happy 2 month birthday Henry, you certainly are a little ball of love, can't wait to see you and Andrew again.