Monday, December 17, 2012

Henry is 4 months!

So... I am super late posting Henry's 4 month update, but I figure, better late than never! We have had a super busy holiday season and Henry has enjoyed every minute of the chaos! I will save Henry's first Christmas experiences for next month, since technically they happened after his 4 month birthday.

Our little bug is getting quite big (notice the delicious rolls around his thighs!) and his personality continues to charm everyone he meets! He has really found his voice this month and will carry on a conversation with anyone who is interested! He is quite ticklish, laughing out loud if you find the right spot on his chubby little neck. Henry is still up at least two times a night, and naps on and off throughout the day... not much routine for this one yet!

You can definitely see that Henry and Andrew are brothers, but he is beginning to develop his own "look". I am absolutely delighted to hear people say that he looks like me! That NEVER happened with Andrew! We were recently comparing his gummy grin to that of his Nana's (my Mom) at a similar age. Pretty obvious family resemblance if you ask me!

This month was also quite special because we had Henry baptized. We were so blessed to have family members and close friends join us to celebrate this special event. The baptism took place at St. Paul's United Church, in Bowmanville. St. Paul's is the church I grew up in and is also where we were married and Andrew was baptized. It was so meaningful to have a congregation of people who have cared for my family for many years there to welcome Henry to the church!

Time is flying by so quickly and I am trying to really savour every moment. Funny how you stop reading ahead in the "Baby's first year" books, looking for the next big milestone when you are raising your second babe!


  1. i can confirm that henry is a total charmer - he had me wrapped around his finger in about 2 minutes!

  2. We can't wait to see Henry (and Andrew)again. He is certainly turning into a funny little guy and chubby is a good look for him. I can see the resemblance in the two pics and those are definitely Goswell cheeks, too cute.