Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Monte Cristo Rollups...

As a kid, I always enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen. One day, I thought for sure I had come up with the next big thing... it was a grilled cheese dipped in egg! I excitedly described my invention to my mom, who had to break the news to me that my creation was already quite famously known as a Monte Cristo. So not only did someone beat me to the chase, but they added ham to make it even better:(

I thought of this story awhile back when I came across a recipe for french toast rollups. I tweaked the recipe to try this new idea with the old classic! Here's how it went...

I trimmed the crusts off of sliced bread and cut some cheddar cheese into long, skinny pieces. Next, I whisked eggs (1 egg for every 3 rollups) and milk together and set everything out for quick assembly. 

I rolled each piece of bread flat, with a rolling pin (wine bottle works well too!), placed the cheese and ham at one end, rolled the little package up and dipped it in the egg mixture. I then placed the rollup, seam side down, in a hot skillet with a tablespoon of melted butter. The bread browned quickly, so I gave each roll a turn every thirty seconds or so. Once they were crispy and golden brown all around, I removed them from the skillet and breakfast was served!

They were very tasty, and super easy for my little guy to handle (not as messy as a sandwich)!

...and just because we are a family of peanut butter addicts, we gave this a try! I sprinkled the outside with sugar and we dipped them in syrup!! Gotta love Breakfast Dessert!!


  1. I vaguely remember that conversation years ago about the Monte Cristo, your new twist looks yummy! I can't wait until you make them for me.

  2. I LOVE monte cristos!!!! And these look fun and easy! =) Happy Wednesday!