Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Favourite Baby Items...

Yesterday I did a little happy dance when my doorbell rang in the middle of the afternoon. I had been tracking a delivery since late last week, and I knew that my new diaper bag had finally arrived! The boys watched, in confusion, as their Mother giddily tore the box open and proceeded to excitedly explore all of the glorious pouches and compartments. I spent at least a half hour packing and repacking my new bag with all of my everyday items... it was the highlight of my day!

Anyway, the excitement of the new diaper bag got me me thinking about some of my other favourite baby items and I thought I would round up some pictures and links and share them with you!

First and foremost, you probably want to see the bag that had me so pumped up... Look at all of those compartments! One of the side pouches is even insulated to keep food/bottles chilled. I love that the main portion of the bag zipps shut, but that the four outer pockets remain open for quick access to keys, phones or toys.

Lassig Diaper Bag

One of my favourite items in my diaper bag, is the JJ Cole Diaper Pod. It holds wipes, a few diapers, diaper cream, and comes with a change pad. It is perfect to quickly grab from your bag, when you need to change your little one in a public washroom (there never is enough space on those change tables!)

diaper tote

Another must have for us is the "Mommy Hook". Who would have thought that an oversized carabiner would be so popular amongst parents? We keep this attached to our stroller at all times. It's great for carrying shopping bags, your purse, the diaper pod (for quick access to wipes) and even soggy bathing suits at the beach!

The Halo Sleepsack is another item that we would not be able to get by without. Experts recommend that infants should not be put to bed with loose blankets. We originally thought this was a little paranoid, but after a scary, blanket wrapped around head, incident with Andrew, we are strong advocates for this policy.

The Mally Bib was an impulse by that really paid off! I fell in love with their fun designs, and picked one out for Andrew about three years ago. I felt a little guilty about spending $40 on a bib, but am I ever glad that I did! This bib has been used every single day, at every single meal, for three years straight. It fit Andrew throughout his toddler years, and has now been passed onto Henry. It wipes up easily, and never has to be machine washed... Love it!

Leather bib
Lastly, the Kushies Nursing Canopy has been an everyday favourite. They are very inexpensive ($8 each) compared to some of the other options, and they fold up nice and compact. What I really love is that they are made from the same fabric as the Kushies receiving blankets, so they are excellent for burping when baby is done!

nursing canopy
I know some, if not all, of these items are completely superfluous to caring for a baby... but they have made my life a little easier and they make some dirty jobs a little more pretty! What are your favourite  "must have" baby or kid items?


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