Friday, May 17, 2013

Henry is 9 months!!!

Henry is nine months today and after reading his last update I cannot believe how much he has changed.  It really seems like he went from a little baby to mobile little man over night! He is crawling all over the place, pulling himself up on anything he can grab and beginning to cruise around on the coffee table and couch. Just this week, Henry has started to wave his little hands and clap them when we cheer "Yayyyyy!!".

Henry now has six teeth and I think he is working on a few more. He can eat small pieces of food all by himself, and is even starting to eat some of the food from the family table.

Silly faces with Nana!

This past month, Henry enjoyed some fun trips with his friends and family! We spent a weekend at Great Wolf Lodge, in Niagra falls, where Henry had lots of fun splashing in the pools and chillin' on the Lazy River. He experienced his first of many trips to Story Book Gardens, with his pals Jake and Abbie, and he met all of his extended family in Kingston at a Youngman family bbq!

Every child in London needs at least one picture a year in front of this miniature church!

He is growing so fast, which makes me excited for what comes next, and a little sad that some stages have been left behind. However, I know this is going to be a fabulous summer, full of picnics at the park, and trips to the pool. I can't wait to watch both of my boys enjoy these fun experiences together!


  1. What a happy little guy, these 9 months have flown by, looking forward to fun in the sun this summer with both boys.

  2. I can't believe all those teeth. He's like a shark.