Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Salsa in a Pot!

This spring I've been reading a lot about container gardening. I have a vegetable garden that I seem to overfill every year, so I thought I might try to spread things out a little!  While checking out some great gardening blogs I found a few posts that used one large pot to grow a variety of plants, and some were even meant to be used together in one recipe... what a great idea! Tomatoes seem to be the most popular for container gardening and I have read that peppers can also do quite well. This information lead me to the idea of "Salsa in a Pot"!

My plan was to find an inexpensive pot, decorate it and plant everything needed for homemade salsa. I found this plastic pot at Target and thought that the colour and finish were very similar to a chalk board, so I decided to use the chalkboard markers that we use on our chalkboard table to add a little colour. Once I had finished having fun with the markers, I planted a plum tomato plant, a hot pepper plant and some cilantro... add an onion and we'll have everything we need for a fresh salsa!


  1. What a great idea to have all the ingredients fresh and on hand to make up a batch of salsa, yummy. Love the look of the pot and the colours.