Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Back to blogging... and a last minute printable!

Hello? Anybody out there? I hope some of you readers are still checking in now and then. It has been pretty silent around this blog lately, which is the opposite of what it's been like in this house! Between sick kiddos, two trips to Canada and Andrew's fourth birthday party, the past six weeks have not been project friendly! However, I am desperately needing to get both the boys and I back into a routine, and for me sharing a project or a kids activity every now and then helps me feel productive and maintains my motivation! So, I am hoping that the multitude of stomach bugs are behind us and I can get back at it!

Today I wanted to share the printable Valentine that Andrew shared with his Daycare friends last year.
If you are interested in sharing these Frog Prince Valentines with your little sweeties you can download the file here! (Frog Valentine PDF

Valentine Bag topper

valentine bag topper


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