Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A simple number recognition activity...

I am always looking for simple ways to motivate Andrew to engage in more learning activities. He has just turned four and his abilities are really sky rocketing, unfortunately his focus is not, so we have to keep it fun!
preschool math

This is a super simple Number Recognition activity that I put together today. It was a huge hit and Andrew made noticeable gains within the ten minutes that we played. It is basically a flashcard activity with the added bonus of some gross motor skills and a tasty reward!

preschool math

I cut out 12 paper circles, wrote a number on each and popped them into a muffin tin. Andrew then tossed marshmallows into the cups and identified the number he landed on. If he could identify the number he got to eat the marshmallow.

number recognition

As you can see, he is quite motivated by sweets... I think we'll try blueberries next time!

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  1. Thank you for this idea i will be using for my grandson playdates

  2. Leanne, I love this. Pinned, tweeted and now I am asking you to please stop by Ducks 'n a Row to share on today's blog hop (co-host) and again on Wednesday for my own hop?
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