Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Holiday Recap...

Happy New Year!! I hope that you have started this New Year happy and healthy! After a wonderful and busy trip to Canada we have begun to settle back into our normal routine here at home... regular meals and bedtimes are being enforced and we are all better for it!

This holiday season was extra special for our family! Returning to Canada to spend time with loved ones after being away for 6 months was full of joy and excitement! We kept things simple... lots of play time with cousins, coffee dates with best friends, and meal after meal of our favourite foods. I was thrilled to spend so much time enjoying these luxuries, the things I miss the most from home.

The boys were ecstatic. Everyday details seemed like full out events for Andrew:
"Want to go with Auntie to pick up Alana and Jacob from school?"
"Want to help Uncle TJ feed his cats?"
"Want to have a bath in Nana's tub?"
"Want to sleep in Daddy's bed from when he was a boy?"
All questions that were met with enthusiastic celebration! It was so nice to watch them get so much joy from spending time with family.

I tried to take lots of photos, but as always realized that many were missing. No shots of the boys with their grandparents, no obligatory shot of all four cousins in front of the Christmas tree and none of the boys with their buddies:( It's so difficult to get them all!

 Henry got his first haircut from our favourite stylist;)

Andrew and his two favourite people

 Christmas morning with their favourite gifts.

 There seemed to be a bit of a costume theme this year!

Go team Canada!!

We loved every minute of our time in Canada, but I was pleasantly surprised to be content and ready to return to our home in Baltimore. It's nice to know that after 6 months, this place really does feel like a home to us, and that the relationships we are building with new friends will sustain us throughout this adventure!

Happy New Year!