Thursday, January 9, 2014

Popular Posts from 2013...

Today I am sharing "And Away We Go's!!" most popular posts from 2013. It's never too clear to me why some posts get more traffic than others. Maybe an idea resonates with pinners and strikes them as useful. Maybe it's the simplicity of a project. Or,  maybe it's the combination of marshmallows and chocolate that is generally irresistible! One thing is for sure, when Jen Jone's from I Heart Organizing features a post the traffic will go through the roof! At any rate, the people of the blogisphere found the following posts interesting and I am so happy to have had them noticed!!



  1. Ummm, how did I miss cake batter s'more cookies?! Thanks for bringing them to my attention (or should I say, thanks for nothing, cause that's the last thing I need)! And I agree, Jen Jones is a blog traffic magician! :)

    1. I'm not sure! But I'm glad you've found them now! Enjoy!!