Friday, May 2, 2014

*%#* My Four Year Old Says...

Today is my birthday!! I am super excited to be going out for a nice meal with Rob and some great friends while my little ones hang out at home with a sitter... happy birthday to me!!

This morning I was explaining to Andrew that today is Mommy's birthday and I asked him if he remembered to get me a birthday present. I thought I knew what his response would be, but as usual he surprised me with a hilarious answer...

Andrew - "Oh sorry Mommy, I forgot to go to target to get your present. I was going to get you some underwear, because you love underwear and they have Batman ones there!!"


  1. My favorites are the Planes underwear. I'm totally asking for those for my birthday in June!

  2. Andrew is hilarious, can you really buy ladies Batman underwear...haha