Thursday, July 10, 2014

sitting down and catching up...

Hello blogging world! It's been some time and you've always been at the back of my mind, wishing I had an extra hour to sit down and catch up, or the energy to get creative and share a project with the world! There is something so nice about getting a post together and hitting "publish"... makes me feel productive in a way that catching up on laundry or visiting the children's museum can't.  However, when days get busy, blogging is the first to take a back seat, and I always know it's there if and when I get around to it!

Most of my readers (aka my friends and family) are up to date with the latest developments in the Leeper house... baby #3 is on it's way (her way to be exact!!!) and we couldn't be more thrilled! I am now 23 whole weeks pregnant and I have been happily hanging out in that blissful time of pregnancy known as the second trimester. No longer exhausted and nauseous and not yet uncomfortable with my body's new dimensions. Although, the speed at which this belly is growing is making me question how long I will be feeling so spry!

Here are some photos we had taken a few months back, to share the exciting news with our friends and family. I've also included a video that Rob put together when we found out the little "squirt" was a little lady, Andrew's reaction was priceless!

I hope to get around to sharing some of our summer adventures, activities and projects over the next few weeks... but I know better than to make myself any promises!

Thanks for stopping by,