Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Weekend in NYC!!!

This weekend found the Leepers on an impromptu trip to New York City! We realized midweek that Rob had an entire weekend off and we had no prior commitments... a rare thing around here! Our amazing friends have just moved to NYC and we had been hoping to find some time this summer to visit, so away we went!

The boys were amazed with our hotel. Andrew couldn't believe the "beautiful stuff" outside (NY construction) and was amazed at how high up we were (6th floor)... doesn't take much to impress this guy!

We spent all day Saturday travelling around Manhattan, and were impressed with how much we were able to fit in! Brunch with Friends in Tribeca, the World Trade Centre Memorial, a trip around Staten Island, a tour of Central Park, the beautiful view from "Top of the Rock" and a quick trip to the Lego Store. I have so much respect for moms who schlep their kids around this city everyday!

On Sunday we took things much slower and spent the day exploring Brooklyn's Prospect Park. Drummer's Grove was incredible, the kids had so much fun showing off their moves. The parks new splash pad and roller skating rink is also pretty impressive!

It was an incredible weekend. I was thrilled to spend time with a great friend that I have been missing here in Baltimore and loved watching how excited our kids were to be reunited. Getting to spend some "pager free" time with this guy was pretty awesome too!


  1. Fantastic pics and everyone looks so happy and excited to be on a mini vacation.

  2. I love pager free weekends! So glad you guys got to do this!