Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Henry is 6 months!

It's hard to believe we are already half way through our first year with Henry.  He seems so much younger than we remember Andrew being at this age. I'm sure that has much to do with perspective, having a "big boy" to compare him to. Looking back on the past six months, I am amazed at how seamlessly he has become a part of our family unit. He just seems to go with the flow and happily tag along in all that we do!

Henry hasn't had his official 6 month weigh in yet, that is scheduled for next week, but I would predict he weighs about 17.5 pounds... not a giant like his brother, but still a pretty solid little dude! He is having fun sitting up (almost) by himself and has really begun to examine his toys. Henry has popped out his first two teeth (on the bottom) but seems to be taking a break before working on the top. I am happy about this because we are both getting a lot more sleep! In fact, for the last two nights he has gone from 11:00pm until 7:00am without nursing!!! He is still waking a few times, but is getting back to sleep by himself! (I really hope that putting this in ink doesn't jinx our progress!!). He is also really enjoying his first foods! I think that oatmeal and sweet potato are at the top of his favourites list.

Henry's sixth month has been a month of travel! He has made use of his adorable little passport on a family vacation to the Mayan Riviera and quick weekend in Baltimore/DC. While in Mexico he enjoyed his first dip in the ocean and charmed all of the staff with his silly grin. In DC, he had a great time meeting his Great Uncles, Kevin and Gary, and became the object of serious affection from their pup, Eddie!

Things are really starting to get fun with this little man, and I am happy to say I think we have gotten to the point where maternity leave becomes more vacation than work! Yay!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

A sweet contribution...

It has been about 6 months since I started blogging, and one of the things that I have really enjoyed is the opportunity to meet other bloggers with similar interests. I admit, I get my fair share of raised eyebrows when my friends and family see the amount of effort I put into some less than popular past times (labelling is a hobby). However, my new bloggy friends also have a passion for making the world a little more pretty, and agree that it's worth the blood, sweat and tears to "Do it Yourself"!

Jessica is a fellow blogger who shares her love cooking and crafting on her fabulous blog Prairie Girl to Southern Belle. This week, Jessica and I decided to swap Valentine's Day posts. Her recipe for "Sweet Hearts" uses flour tortillas, cinnamon and sugar, to make a quick snack. Absolutely perfect for Valentine's Day festivities!

Hop on over to Prairie Girl to Southern Belle to find the cooking details (Sweet Heart Recipe). And stay tuned for more fun contributions from Jessica!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

...A Printable Valentine!!!

This year, for Valentine's day, I wanted to create a cute bag topper that would go along with some treats for all of Andrew's little buddies at daycare. I've seen some pretty adorable options online, but wanted to try and come up with something original. I strolled the aisles of Bulk Barn looking for inspiration in the many bins of gummy candies, and settled on the frogs.

Frogs... kissing... valentines... perfect!!

I made up a simple tag on the computer and used ribbon to tie them to a small cellophane bag filled with the froggies! Super simple and super cute!

If you are interested in sharing these Frog Prince Valentines with your little sweeties you can download the file here! (Frog Valentine PDF

Thank you so much to Deme at "Fresh Coat of Paint" for featuring "... and away we go!" on her amazing blog! I hope her readers have fun with this little Valentine's project!

The DIY Dreamer