My Family

This page has sat empty for far too long! Let me introduce you to my amazing family!

Henry Norman Leeper
(aka "bug")

Henry is our youngest little man. He was born August 17, 2012. Henry is a happy baby who really "goes with the flow" of our busy little family. He enjoys watching his big brother play and run around the house and doesn't seem to mind his over zealous attempts at play (i.e.. using Henry's bouncy chair as a catapult... Henry being the object to launch)! Henry looks a lot like his brother did at this age (exactly like his father) but seems to have a few more characteristics from my side of the family tossed into the mix... the result... one adorable little boy!

Herbert "Andrew" Leeper
(aka Monkey)

Andrew is our first son, born December 30, 2009. He was named after his Grandfather (Rob's dad) who would be happy to know that Rob is finally "paying for his raising"! Andrew is just like his Daddy in many ways, they look alike, are full of energy, and make you laugh just when you think you can't take anymore of their ridiculous behaviour! Andrew loves music, super heroes and his cousins! 

Charles Darwin Youngman

Since Charlie was introduced to the family before Rob and I were married, and I felt it was important to carry on my family name... we decided that he would remain a Youngman! Charlie is a Yorky-poo who's hyperactive tendencies, and appetite for mischief can rival those of Andrew any day! He enjoys chewing his brother's toys, my lip gloss and his Daddy's pens. He also loves a good snuggle on the couch and keeps our feet warm at night!

Rob Leeper
aka "Daddy"

Rob and I met over twelve years ago at Queen's University. We lived on the same floor in an on campus residence and began dating shortly after meeting. After Queen's, Rob moved back to his hometown of London to attend Medical school and complete a General Surgery Residency. The final stage of Rob's surgical training will take him south of the border to Baltimore where he will complete a fellowship in Trauma surgery at Johns Hopkins. Rob works hard and plays hard (when his busy schedule will allow). His favourite things include hanging out with his boys, obsessing over his fantasy football teams and playing hockey.

I am so proud of our growing little brood! The little men mean that everyday life is an adventure and I can't wait to see what happens next!

...and away we go!!


  1. Soon you will be adding a little gal's picture to this page, can't wait to meet her.