Wednesday, January 30, 2013

*#%* my three year old says...

So Andrew, like most kids his age, has a healthy all encompassing obsession with super heroes. His favourites include Batman, Spiderman and Captain America. He really enjoys watching superhero cartoons and Rob and I have given in and allowed him to watch some of the retro ones on Netflix. We find that the older they are the less violent. You remember how it goes... Spiderman outwits the bad guys by chasing them into a corner where the police are waiting with handcuffs at the ready. His favourite is "Spiderman and his Amazing Friends" circa 1981. The show is pretty tame as far as the fighting goes, however, the '80s weren't exactly know appropriate gender portrayals and the ladies are ridiculously stacked! We didn't think Andrew would take notice until...

Andrew and I are playing our usual Spiderman game. He is Spiderman and I am Firestar (Spiderman's female friend who's superpower is the ability to shoot fireballs at the bad guys). After we each become the superhero version of our self we chase the bad guys around the house.

Andrew: "Look out Firestar he's going to get you!"
Mommy: "Quick Spiderman! Shoot a web at him!"
Andrew: "No Firestar! You have to use your boobies to shoot fire at him!!"

What?!!! Andrew was clearly under the impression that Firestar's super powers come from her ginormous rack! Hilarious!

Here's a pic of my girl Firestar... I too would feel pretty powerful with that body!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What have I washied???

A month or two ago, I wrote a very excited post about a new obsession.... Washi Tape! This adorable paper tape is a crafter's dream! It can be added to practically anything and everything. When I first received my shipment I was hesitant to use it... it was kind of like an artist staring at a blank canvas. I had so many ideas, that I didn't know where to start! Since then, I have "washied" many things around the house and every time I look at them I get a little thrill (it doesn't take much to amuse me)!! Here is a quick look at some of my projects...

  1. notebook flags for quick reference
  2. decorative borders in my sewing and craft cabinet
  3. cord labels (our USB cords were all starting to look the same)
  4. spice jar labels
  5. a pretty coaster for my desk
  6. file folder labels
Are all of these embellishments necessary?? Definitely not. Do they add a little kick to the otherwise mundane?? For sure!! 

I am always looking for new ideas for washi tape, you can check out my finds on this Pinterest Board!

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Friday, January 11, 2013

...and away He goes!!

Well it's official, Andrew turned three less than two weeks ago and he is now a big kid! This week he went to his first swimming and skating lessons (with no Mommy or Daddy to hold him up!). I was worried he would refuse to leave my side in both situations, but he surprised me and had no problem following his new teachers and joining his class. It was pretty amazing to watch him in this new setting.  I managed to snap a few pics without being too obtrusive!

waiting for class to start...

He wiggled right in beside the teacher!

Very serious...

Henry is excited for his brother's big day!

We have entered a new stage of parenting, now its time to put this mini van to the test!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

a DIY yoga mat strap

After purchasing a new yoga mat for my "soon to be sister in law" I decided that I wanted to try and make the gift a little more special by adding a handmade carrier. I have seen a few different options for toting a yoga mat and the strap variety seem to be the easiest to use... this is great because they are also the easiest to make! I was able to create this yoga mat strap with left over fabric and a few office supplies.

To start, I measured the length of fabric that I would need to wrap around each end of the mat and leave enough slack in between to go over my shoulder. I did this using twine. Then, I cut two pieces (in order  to get the appropriate length) of fabric about 6" wide. These two pieces were then sewn together to create one long strip.

In order to make the edges of the strap finished, without turning it inside out, I folded the fabric in half, ironed it, opened it back up and folded each edge into the middle. I ironed the outside edges and then folded and ironed the whole length one more time. To create a finished end, I carefully tucked each end in.

I sewed around the perimeter of the strap, taking extra care to make sure all of the fabric was tucked at the corners. I then made loops by folding each end down and sewing it in place. Large ring clips fit perfectly on each end.

The strap easily loops around each end of the mat and when it is lifted the weight of the mat keeps the strap secure.

This strap was so simple to make! All in all, about 30 minutes! I love that it is small enough to toss in a gym bag or even your coat pocket during a yoga class, and my sister in law loved that it was made just for her!

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Christmas craft party...

I had really hoped to get to this post before the Christmas holidays, but it just didn't happen. I am sure everyone is Christmased out... but maybe you can save/pin an idea for next year!

Early in December, my friend Jenn and I decided to have our first Christmas Craft Party. Jenn is like me in that she absolutely loves the details and creativity that go along with party planning. We wanted to host an event for some of our close girlfriends, so that we could take some time to visit, share some wine and treats, and make a couple holiday crafts to display in our homes.

Before our friends arrived we set out all of the materials that would be needed for the two crafts we would be making, A Christmas centre piece and a Holiday Topiary (aka a decorated paper cone). Jenn and I are both teachers, so we also understand the importance of a good exemplar (teacher talk for "example")! We had a lot of fun setting the table so that each lady would have a place to work.

The centre pieces were simply square vases, with a square of florist foam, greenery and a votive holder. We provided many options for greenery, twigs, twine, ribbon, bells and berries. The topiaries were made from rolled bristle board and then decorated with yarn and twine and spray painted a variety of colours... pretty easy!
We served some holiday cocktails, appetizers and Christmas cookies, but the showstopper was the Hot Chocolate Bar! Everyone had fun loading their hot chocolate up with tasty toppings! 

Jenn and I were so impressed with every one's skill! Even our friends who were intimidated by (or completely unimpressed with) the idea of "Crafting" on a Friday night had a good time and everyone was so proud of their work!

Good work ladies!
The DIY Dreamer

Saturday, January 5, 2013 updated "My Family" page!

"...And away we go!!!" has been live for over 5 months, and I have finally gotten around to completing the "My Family" page.  You can check it out here or click on the "My Family" tab from my home screen.