Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A quick thank you...

This morning Andrew decided that he would like to take some of the muffins we made last night to his two teachers at preschool. This is a pretty regular thing for him, he is always so proud to bring them something special and they always indulge his generosity with a big hug. Since today is the last day he will see his teachers before Thanksgiving I decided to wrap the muffins up to make them a little more festive.

Paper bags are my go to for wrapping up baked goods. They are inexpensive and are easily decorated with pretty much anything. For this last minute wrap job, I added some washi tape and twine and then wrote out a quote that Andrew had added to our "thanksgiving tree" the other night 

"I am thankful for Nature School" ~ Andrew

Andrew's little offering was sweet and simple and were reciprocated with big hugs and smiles!

Monday, November 25, 2013

DIY custom holiday labels with PicMonkey

This weekend found me huddled at the computer for hours, perfecting our annual Christmas card. I had snapped a bunch of impromptu photos of the boys while we were out for a walk and was giddy with how well they turned out! I played around with a few of the online photo card makers, but wasn't completely ready to spend a large amount of money on something I thought I could do alone. I decided to try my hand at designing my own Christmas Cards on PicMonkey and was really happy with how they turned out! Once I was done, I uploaded the file to the Staples website and for less than $25 I have lots of cards ready to hit the mailbox!

While I was at it, I designed a simple return address label to add to  each envelope. I thought I would share the simple process with you today!

This is an extremely straightforward tutorial and I'm sure if you have used PicMonkey in the past it will be a little beneath you. However, if you haven't used this great FREE website I hope this tutorial helps introduce you to some of the great features available!

1. Go to PicMonkey, select "Design" and then "Square" from the main page.
2. Click on the "Text" tool along the sidebar.
3. Choose a great font and add your address.
 I decided to add a simple monogramed wreath to our label but there are many fun options in the new "Winterland" and "Santaland" themes. Here is how I created our wreath:

4. Add a wreath from the "Wreathery" in the "Winterland" theme.
5. Top your wreath with a bow from the "Gifts" section of "Santaland"
6. Add your family's monogram by using the text tool (I used the font "Bilbo Swash Caps").
7. Save your completed label to your desktop.
8. Go back to the PicMonkey main screen and select "Create a Collage".
9. Change the layout of your collage by selecting the 4x4 "Square Deal" in the layout section along the sidebar. 
10. Upload your saved label by clicking on "Open Photos".
11. Once you have uploaded your label, drag it into each of the 16 squares in your collage.
12. Save your sheet of labels. 

Printing Labels:
1. Open the JPEG of your label sheet.
2. Select "Print".
3. Before printing switch the "copies per page" to 2.
4. Print labels on sticker paper and cut.

Cutting these labels may be a little monotonous, but if you have a paper cutting tool it goes much faster. If you do not, most office and print shops have one available for customers to use!

I hope to have our Christmas cards addressed and in the mail this week.  I can't wait for our family and friends to begin receiving them!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pinspired Book Storage...

Many of the DIY and craft projects that I attempt are inspired by, if not completely copied from, the wonderful world of Pinerest. I can get lost for hours perusing hand print art and sewing tutorials! The two projects I am sharing today were some of my very first pins... I knew I'd get around to them one day!!

This Hanging Book Display and Ombre Whale Art were quite simple to complete and fit nicely on this narrow wall in Henry's room. 

The book display utilizes a double curtain rod to hang from the wall. It looks adorable and is at a great height for Henry to grab a book to read/toss on the floor. 

Be sure to stop by these sites for the tutorials!
Whale Art - Senn and Sons
Book Display - Penny Carnival

Monday, November 18, 2013

*#%* my three year old says...

It's been awhile since I have shared a "*%#* my three year old says", not because he isn't coming out with hilarious statements, but more because his recent interest in "bathroom humour" makes the appropriateness of his remarks questionable. Never the less, here is one I need to document that has nothing to do with the potty!

While playing (a little rough as always) with his little brother, Andrew suddenly starts yelling "oh no Mommy! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to do it!" I rush over to find Andrew covering Henry's mouth with both hands. "I'm sorry Mommy! Don't worry, he will be ok, see he's not even crying!" I pull his hands away to see the usual toothy grin that is plastered all over Henry's face. "What did you do Andrew?" "Sorry Mommy! I made his teeth fall out. See??" He points to a trail of cracker bits down the front of Henry's shirt.

He was quite relieved when he realized his mistake. I love that his first instinct was to hide it, and tell me not to worry!

Here is a little video Andrew insisted I make to send into his favourite TV show, while we were preparing a snack for his preschool class..