Wednesday, January 30, 2013

*#%* my three year old says...

So Andrew, like most kids his age, has a healthy all encompassing obsession with super heroes. His favourites include Batman, Spiderman and Captain America. He really enjoys watching superhero cartoons and Rob and I have given in and allowed him to watch some of the retro ones on Netflix. We find that the older they are the less violent. You remember how it goes... Spiderman outwits the bad guys by chasing them into a corner where the police are waiting with handcuffs at the ready. His favourite is "Spiderman and his Amazing Friends" circa 1981. The show is pretty tame as far as the fighting goes, however, the '80s weren't exactly know appropriate gender portrayals and the ladies are ridiculously stacked! We didn't think Andrew would take notice until...

Andrew and I are playing our usual Spiderman game. He is Spiderman and I am Firestar (Spiderman's female friend who's superpower is the ability to shoot fireballs at the bad guys). After we each become the superhero version of our self we chase the bad guys around the house.

Andrew: "Look out Firestar he's going to get you!"
Mommy: "Quick Spiderman! Shoot a web at him!"
Andrew: "No Firestar! You have to use your boobies to shoot fire at him!!"

What?!!! Andrew was clearly under the impression that Firestar's super powers come from her ginormous rack! Hilarious!

Here's a pic of my girl Firestar... I too would feel pretty powerful with that body!!


  1. This is hilarious! We are huge fans of Netflix too :)