Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Lego Party!!

This month we celebrated Andrew's 5th birthday with a Lego party for a bunch of his best buddies here in Baltimore. His actual birthday is at the end of December and with the holidays and traveling to and from Canada it worked much better to wait a bit and take the time to plan it just right!

To say that Andrew is a Lego fan would be putting it mildly. He plays with Lego constantly and when he's not playing with it, he's talking about it, reading a book about it or drawing plans for his next creation. He is often heard to say "Mommy, Lego is my life!" So with this kind of dedication, there was absolutely no question about the birthday party theme for this year!

Finding ideas and inspiration for throwing a Lego Birthday Party is super easy. The popular theme is all over Pinterest and the creative ideas that people have put together are amazing. I was very tempted to try everything I pinned, but forced myself to be reasonable and kept it simple! Our decorations consisted mostly of a Happy Birthday Banner that I printed from this website, some balloons tethered with jars of Lego, a few colourful strands of garland and some of Andrew's most impressive Lego builds.

I made each child a Lego T-shirt using printable iron on transfers that had their first initial and we also made some cute Lego construction hats using a plain hat and a Sharpie.

When the children arrived I set them up with some mini-figure colouring pages to keep them busy while we waited for all of the guests to arrive. We also played a game of "Let's make a mini-figure"(our Lego version of "Pin the Tale on the Donkey"), had a Lego Spoon Race and had fun with a Piniata.

For lunch we had the kids build their own mini pizza and served them with veggies and fruit salad, followed by cake, cupcakes and ice-cream. 

As the kids packed up to leave, they each received a little bag of Lego chocolates, some cookies and a new Lego City book. 

It was a great party, the kids had a blast and Andrew was thrilled. It is so rewarding to watch him that day. He loved being the centre of attention and we loved celebrating what an amazing kid he is!


  1. What a fun time for Andrew and his birthday party friends, love all the details Leanne!

  2. How lovely party decoration. Andrew is so adorable. Hey you know I throw a grand holiday party this year, and I also ordered pizzas and drinks from outside. I can’t tell you how yummy it was, everyone just loved it. I made a cake myself at home of Pineapple and chocolate flavour.

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