Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Simple Valentines...

This year, Andrew's preschool class will be having a "Love Note Exchange" to celebrate Valentine's Day. He attends a Nature Preschool where they focus on teaching children to conserve and be kind to the environment. To this end, they have asked that we work with our kids to make simple valentines out of recycled or natural materials.

We decided to use some of the many paper grocery bags that have accumulated in our pantry and do some potato stamping. After cutting a few hearts I realized there was a super fast way to cut multiple hearts at a time…

How efficient is that?? Eight hearts from each bag, in less than a minute!!

Andrew worked very hard adding hearts to each valentine using a 
potato stamp and some acrylic craft paint.

He then wrote his name on a smaller heart that we glued to the brown paper. 

I think encouraging the class to exchange handmade Valentines is a great idea. It gave us a purposeful way to work on some cutting, gluing and printing skills and Andrew is proud of the little "love notes" that he made for his friends.