Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Organize Your Christmas Cards...

For the last couple of years, before the Christmas decorations are packed away, I have taken some time to organize all of the amazing Christmas cards sent to us throughout the holiday season into a little flip book. I was never sure what to do with all of the cards, you only need so many Christmas tags and I can't stand the thought of tossing the beautiful photos of our friends and family. These Christmas Card flip books pack away easily and are so fun to look through each year!

To make the flip book, I use a pair of ring clips and a hole punch. I use our family Christmas card first which eliminates the need for a cover because the year is easy to see. 

To make sure that the cards line up nicely I start by punching the cover and then use it as a guide for each of the following cards. I love the amazing custom photo cards that so many people make. I think we received an all time high of these this year!

These flip books  also allow you to secure any little photos that have been included as well as smaller cards. 

The boys enjoy flipping through to see all of their friends... Henry was particularly enamoured with one of his besties, sweet little Ayla! It will be fun to pull these out next year to see how much all of these kiddos have grown!!


  1. I was JUST thinking to myself about what to do with mine today! Great idea! You're so creative.

  2. Good idea Leanne, I am sure the boys love flipping through to see their friends and family.