Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A week at the shore...

This past week an incredibly special Leeper Family tradition was relaunched! For years (and years) Rob has been talking about taking our family on a trip to Ocean City, NJ., a destination which holds years of memories for him.  As a child, Rob returned to Ocean City every year (for 20 years straight!) with his Mom, Dad, Grandma and brother. Each year they would make the drive from London Ontario, and enjoy their days at the beach and nights on the boardwalk.

We rented a small beach house with Rob's brother, T.J.,  and his fiancĂ©, Laura.  Rob and T.J. were so happy to see that little had changed from their childhood memories and they spent the week immersing the rest of us "first timers" in all things Jersey Shore!

The boys enjoyed the beach, playing in the sand and splashing in the waves.

We spent countless hours strolling the boardwalk and giving into pretty much every 
plea and request for rides, games and treats...

which can be quite tiring when you are three and a half!

And we ate... a lot! The boardwalk is chalked full of insanely tasty food. The boardwalk itself is at least a mile long, with some form of deep fried goodness in every other shop. The pizza and ice cream shops alone could have kept me going for months! Luckily, T.J. shares my love for pizza (and all food in general) and we spent one evening sampling a slice from every vendor going. It was incredible! 

We had a fabulous week and will be excited to return for years to come! Here's to the new generation of Leeper family tradition!!


  1. Wow, looks amazing and so much fun, what a fantastic way to end the summer! ☼

  2. What a special time as a family! I'm coveting and treasuring those moments spent together more and more as residency goes on. Hubs is currently on "The O" and I pretty much never see him. This too shall pass. ;) Great pics!