Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Couscous Salad for Toddlers

Meal time is quickly becoming much more difficult around here. Henry has come to the realization that he actually controls what he eats and doesn't have to blindly take in whatever I place on his spoon. This means he has pretty much been surviving on yogurt, fruit and crackers for at least a week! He does, however love pasta. I have been experimenting with a few dishes that both he and Andrew might enjoy, that will give them the "noodles" they want and a few veggies too!

I'm not sure if I was completely behind the curve here, but I have just recently been introduced to Israeli Couscous. It cooks quickly, is wonderful in salads and it's soft texture is perfect for little mouths! To make this salad I simply prepared the couscous (following the instruction on the package) added cooked peas, avocado, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. For a simple dressing I tossed the salad with a tablespoon of olive oil and fresh lemon juice. 

Once I had portioned out some of the salad for the kids, I added salt, ground black pepper and crumbled feta to make it a little more tasty for us adults. 

I wouldn't say that Henry "loved" the salad, but he ate half a bowl and didn't throw the rest on the walls... so I'll count that as a win!

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  1. Leanne, my husband loves couscous and I think this might be a recipe he'd love. I'll give it a try.

  2. This sounds delicious for adults too. I wonder if my husband would eat it!? :) Thanks for sharing a simple, healthy recipe that even those of us who can barely cook could make no problem.

  3. Your new blog design is so sweet! Thanks for linking up with this salad! You always have such great ideas :)

  4. Love the look of your blog!

    and yes, this is a GREAT idea for a kid friendly and grown up friendly salad. (hopped over from the TJ's linkup!)