Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall Nature Hunt...

After a very hot and humid summer (quite a bit stickier than what we are used to in Canada), the crisp days of fall have arrived. It's that wonderful time of year that requires a cozy sweater in the morning but a t-shirt in the afternoon. The sun is shining and the leaves are beautiful! This is such a great time for us to get out of doors, Andrew loves to run and explore and Charlie is super excited to be able to join us without getting too hot!

I have been trying to engage Andrew in some more educational activities these days... but he is not really one for structured learning (I can barely get him to hold a crayon let alone practise writing his name!). However, if I can sneak some learning into the things he does love he doesn't seem to notice! Lately he has been really into detectives.  He likes to sneak around the house and "spy" on his brother and I. So I decided to run with the whole detective thing and make a fun "Nature Mission" for him to take along on our next walk.

Feel free to grab one for yourself! (drag image to your desktop, open and print)

Fall Scavenger Hunt

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  1. This is sooo fun!! =) I love your simple creativity for your kiddos!

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Learning really can be lots of fun, perfect for little wanna be detectives.

  3. A great idea! After watching Ali today you just KNOW she's gonna love this ;)