Monday, September 16, 2013

Andrew's First Day of School!!

Today I am sharing a few photos from Andrew's first day of Preschool!

As you can see by the silly grin, he was pretty excited to be on his way to "big boy school"!
He wanted to take his little brother along too (how awesome would that be for me?!) and ensured me that he would have his teachers "keep an eye on him"!

Andrew will be going to school two mornings a week, and is attending "The Nature Preschool at Irvine". This is the perfect set up for a little one who loves to run, play and get dirty! They spend the majority of the morning hiking through the forest and approach the curriculum through lessons from the natural world... pretty cool!

We decided he should wear his Jays hat, so that everyone would know he's Canadian. He must have decided from this conversation that it was really important because every time someone asked him his name he would yell "I'm Andrew from Canada" (like he was speaking to someone with hearing loss). 

I'm so excited for Andrew to jump into this new experience! I know he is going to learn a ton and make lots of new friends! What a big boy he has become!


  1. What a big boy Andrew is now, almost 4 and going to school. He sure looks happy wearing his jays hat and back pack, so grown up...

  2. Oh my goodness Leanne, Andrew is just way too cute! I love the chalkboard sign, I have a feeling that it may make an appearance every first day of school? Love your blog :)