Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's costume time!!

Now that October has hit, Halloween has become a major point of discussion in our house. For the last few months (yes that's how much Andrew and I talk about costume options) our little man has been set on the Green Lantern. However, after a fun trip to our local Fire Station he has changed his mind and is now all about Fire Fighters!

He asked if Henry could be a "fireman on his team", which I think is adorable and probably pretty unlikely in future years, so two little firefighters is what we will have! 

I have always had a lot of fun with Halloween costumes. I like to put them together on my own and prefer to try and use things that we have on hand or inexpensive thrifted items. I try to make sure that the boys are comfortable, I remember a creation or two from my childhood that just didn't stand up to an evening of trick-or-treating (let's see if my biggest fan, aka my mom, will remember in the comments below).

Here are our costumes to date... Harry Potter is by far my biggest Halloween accomplishment. I am not sure if I will ever be able to top it!!

I mean really?? How incredible was that costume?? It consisted of one of my blouses, 
a scarf that I knit over the span of a few weeks, a felt tie and wand, 
a stuffed owl, and a bit of eyeliner. 

This was the year of the "Handy Manny" obsession. Easiest costume ever!

And here he is as Batman (or Batmandrew as we often call him). I'm sure this was not the 
last time the Dark Knight will make a Halloween appearance in the Leeper house!

Henry was about three months old on his first Halloween and the poor guy didn't even make it out of the house! However, it was still necessary to dress up for the occasion! We love our sushi!!

Has costume production begun in your house yet??


  1. You must be referring to the mummy outfit (for sure) and maybe the hershey kiss costume? I know you didn't get your talent for putting outfits together from me, it is all your own skill and always looks great kiddo!