Monday, September 17, 2012

Henry is one month today!!!

One of the reasons I was interested in starting a blog was to chronicle the memorable moments in my family's life. I find it amazing how many "little moments" get forgotten with time and I hope that this will help me to keep track of them. I have decided to try and make a monthly post about my boys to record the little details and happy moments.  My goal is to do this on their monthly birthday (30th for Andrew and 17th for Henry) but we will see if I can keep up!

Henry's First Month

It is hard to believe that one month has already come and gone! Henry has had a fabulous start. He is gaining weight like a champ and sleeping as much as can be expected. His first few weeks were spent visiting with family and friends and he is very happy to snuggle up to anyone who needs some love! He prefers to sleep high up on your shoulder, keeping his little legs pulled in close and burying his face in your neck. It is this position that has landed him his first nickname, "Cuddle Bug".  Henry tolerates his swing, but doesn't seem to like it the way his big brother did (we will work on that) but does seem to have more of an interest in a soother (yay!). I'm sure I have witnessed his first and second real smile, but I know most would say "it was just gas"! Henry has started taking much more notice of the world around him and is especially interested in the silly faces his brother likes to make! I can't wait to see how my boys will interact with each other, and I know it will be these moments that dominate my monthly Leeper boy updates!

Let's hope the second month goes as smooth as the first!


  1. Happy one month birthday Henry, you sure are a Cuddle Bug. We can't wait to see you again and we love the pics...great idea to post on the same day every month.

  2. Congratulations to all! What a sweetie he is. A great way to keep up with their progress. I must tell Grandma I'm reading the blog!! (a friend of your Mom)