Friday, March 29, 2013

DIY Easter Baskets

I'm sure that it is a little late for anyone to decide to throw together an Easter basket project, but I wanted to share the baskets I finished for the boys anyway! Maybe you can "Pin it" for next year?!

I wanted the boys to have matching baskets and when I took a look at what as out there, I thought that I could probably DIY it for much cheaper and be happier with the finished product. So, using a couple of Dollar Store baskets, and some scrap fabric (from this project), I got to work!

I didn't have enough fabric to make a full liner for the basket, but there was just enough to trim the edges. To do this, I simply sewed a very long rectangle, and folded it around the top edge of the basket. 

I secured the fabric with a small piece of velcro, and added a piece of twine. I painted a couple of wooden letters and attached them with hot glue.

I wonder what goodies the boys will find in their baskets this Sunday??

Happy Easter!


  1. These are adorable! Very creative using what you found- and they are much better looking than the plastic pails now you find at the store :)

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