Monday, March 4, 2013

Storing craft supplies...

Over the past few months, I have acquired quite the collection of crafting supplies. These all used to be stored in a closet in my basement, but in an attempt to use what I have on a more regular basis I decided to move frequently used items up to my desk space. The problem with this is that my desk is in the middle of our living room. In order to avoid little fingers getting into everything, and to make the space ascetically pleasing I needed to make some changes!

The first piece of furniture that I added to the space was a woven table/storage box with a hinged lid. This was actually something I already had on hand that had been occupied with toys. It holds my Silhouette and accessories as well as my fabric supply. I was super pumped when I realized that the plastic bin, that holds my fabric, was the perfect size to span the width of the box.

After a few weeks of looking for an appropriately sized shelf to place beside my desk I found this cream coloured cabinet at Home Sense. The top drawer hold some of my office supplies, labels and washi tape and the shelves house my sewing and craft caddies. I added washi tape and a chalk board label to the caddies to spruce them up a little! I placed some jars and some paper towel rolls inside the caddy to keep my supplies and tools organized.

I have been using this large glass vase to keep my current knitting project close at hand.  I don't take the time to work on this project near as often as I would like and I hope that keeping it in clear view may be a good reminder. Also, the yellow and grey colour combo is just pretty to look at!

Do you have any fun ideas for craft storage? How do you keep it all organized and pretty?


  1. Love the look Leanne, you are so organized and I know you didn't get that from your Mom...

  2. I love the storage for your yarn, so simple, and plus you can see it, so you remember that you have to finish it. LOVE!
    I'm a sucker for a good simple container. I think I have an intense love for containers, yup :)