Sunday, March 17, 2013

Henry is 7 months!!

Happy St. Patrick's day, from our little leprechaun! What a coincidence, "lucky 7" on St. Patty's day!

This past month saw some pretty awesome gains in the Henry department! The biggest one for me was the two straight weeks of 8 hour sleeps! I was beside myself with delight when this little man conceded to sleeping most of the night, so excited and surprised that it took me a week to sleep for all 8 hours myself! Unfortunately, the inevitable (and painfully slow) arrival of his top teeth have put us back to waking twice through the night... Oh well, we will get back on track later. Henry has been enjoying all sorts of new food this month, and has become quite a pro at sitting up all by himself!

We spent some time in Bowmanville (with my family), where Henry enjoyed a nice visit with his Great Grandma (aka GGMa). It was fun to see how they both enjoyed inspecting each other, Henry exploring her shiny glasses and GGMa investigating his toes and chins!

The interactions between Andrew and Henry have been amazing! Henry is always so happy to see his big brother and it is already so obvious that he idolizes him! He was so excited, in the picture above, to sit up like a "big boy" in the grocery cart, and Andrew was very proud to have him there! I can't wait for the snow to finally stop and the mud to dry up so we can get outside and play!


  1. What a cute little leprechaun and so lucky to have such fantastic parents and a fun brother to hang out with. Great, great Nanny Langille would have loved this pic, she was part Irish and loved celebrating St. Patrick's day.